• January 26, 2024
  • PWES
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At a prominent industry event, Produced Water Eco Services is proud to congratulate Acipet for the excellent organization of the XX Colombian Congress of Oil, Gas, and Energy 2023. This congress, a crucial meeting point for industry leaders, has once again showcased dedication and innovation in our field.

We are pleased to announce that our article, ‘Mechanical Evaporation of Water Associated with Oil & Gas Production as an Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable Disposal Process,’ presented by Engineer Hubert Borja, has been honored in the sustainability and environment category. This recognition, among more than 80 high-level participants, is a testament to our unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability.

At PWES, we are dedicated to integrating cutting-edge technologies to address environmental challenges associated with oil and gas production. Our focus on mechanical water evaporation not only aims to cleanse contaminated waters but also to return pure water to nature, promoting a sustainable and responsible lifecycle.

This award reflects the hard work and dedication of our team in the pursuit of innovative solutions to ensure a cleaner and more sustainable energy future. We express our gratitude to Acipet and all congress participants for this honor and reaffirm our ongoing commitment to leading the change towards more sustainable practices in the oil and gas industry.