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We are pioneers in wastewater treatment using cutting-edge technologies, promoting the environment and sustainability

Produced Water Ecoservices (PWES) is a company dedicated to providing wastewater treatment and disposal services. It was founded by a team of professionals with extensive experience, who have conducted in-depth international research on various water management technologies and solutions. This enables them to offer their clients comprehensive solutions with cutting-edge technology that add value and meet their needs, with low risk and a favorable cost-benefit ratio


Our performance metrics

+ 1000000
of evaporated barrels
+ 300 %
of water to be disposed per unit
+ 14 Times
water evaporation process is accelerated
+ 30 %
savings compared to traditional disposal methods
Our Company


To contribute to the improvement of the environment, the profitability of our clients, and the quality of life of their neighboring communities, through the offering of innovative solutions for wastewater treatment, disposal, and recovery that generate value for our shareholders and partners


To be the world's leading company in industrial wastewater treatment and disposal services through unconventional technologies.


HSEQ Policy

PRODUCED WATER ECOSERVICES is a company dedicated to providing industrial wastewater disposal services, conducting its activities in a manner that meets the needs of its clients, contractors, and employees, while promoting the well-being of neighboring communities and the conservation of the environment. This is achieved through the application of practices aimed at preventing injuries, occupational illnesses, accidents, property damage, and environmental pollution.

PRODUCED WATER ECOSERVICES (PWES) is committed to maintaining and continuously improving its Quality, Industrial Safety, Occupational Health, Environment, and Corporate Social Responsibility management system. In particular, PWES is dedicated to fulfilling the following objectives:

  1. Promote quality of work life.
  2. Meet the requirements of clients, contractors, and employees, seeking their satisfaction by offering quality services.
  3. Comply with legislation and customer requirements regarding Safety, Occupational Health, and Environment.
  4. Strive for continuous improvement in all areas.
  5. Prevent and mitigate environmental impacts associated with activities by implementing environmental management measures that promote the conservation of natural resources and prevent damage to the community, environment, and processes associated with our organization and/or stakeholders.
  6. Develop programs for effective control of risks, especially physical, mechanical, and electrical hazards.
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