Our Technologies

- We enhance fluid separation
- We optimize residual water treatment
- We optimize residual water disposal


Our Solutions

- Mechanical Evaporation
- Mechanical Aspersion/Irrigation
- Solar Desalination

Reduce transportation and disposal costs

We help your company reduce wastewater treatment costs.

Cost-effective disposal of industrial residual waters poses an increasingly significant challenge for many companies across various industries. Environmental authorities are becoming stricter in their regulations, and local communities are less tolerant of discharging residual waters into rivers and other water bodies. While residual water re-injection can be a viable option in certain situations, it may not always be practical due to its high capital requirements and intensive energy consumption. Additionally, water hauling or trucking to external treatment plants can be prohibitively expensive.

PWES offers a compelling solution with our value proposition of disposing of residual water "in-situ." By doing so, you can avoid the high costs of trucking it to external treatment plants and minimize the environmental and social risks associated with discharging residual waters into rivers.

We achieve this through our innovative, environmentally friendly, and energy-efficient technology known as Mechanical Evaporation. Some of the key benefits of this technology include:

  • Reducing the cost of residual water disposal
  • Increasing production capacity in cases where it is limited by the residual water disposal capacity
  • Eliminating the need to discharge residual water into rivers or other water bodies
  • Eliminating the need to truck water to external treatment plants
  • Eliminating the need for significant capital investment in re-injection infrastructure