In the agricultural sector, we evaporate wastewater, preventing the release of water with high organic content into rivers.

The demand for water in the agricultural sector is driven by the need for irrigation during harvesting and post-harvesting. The agricultural sector is the largest water consumer, and there have been significant advancements in the reuse of this precious resource. These advancements focus on water reutilization. However, only a few systems achieve zero waste, leading to discharges into bodies of water.

The reason why it's not advisable to discharge wastewater directly into rivers is that the natural microorganisms in the rivers DIGEST the organic content, causing immediate decomposition. During this decomposition process, the microorganisms consume oxygen, leading to lower levels of oxygen available for the plant and animal life existing in the rivers.

At PWES, we prevent discharges into rivers and optimize irrigation during both harvesting and post-harvesting in the agro-industrial sector.


  • We improve the level of irrigation for plants and crops.
  • We enhance the quality of incoming water.
  • We optimize the irrigation system during harvesting and post-harvesting.


We distill the incoming water for the processes.


  • We reduce the biological load of the effluents.
  • We evaporate the effluents, avoiding discharge into bodies of water.
  • We optimize the irrigation system.

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