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Solar Desalination

Solar desalination uses thermal energy to successively evaporate water and separate salts and minerals, achieving zero liquid discharge

The technology of solar desalination allows the removal of chlorides and other minerals from wastewater or any other treatable water source using renewable energy (solar) without the need for membrane usage and replacement, achieving zero discharge of liquid waste into rivers or other bodies of water.

This technology has the following characteristics:

  • It utilizes solar energy to evaporate water and then re-condenses it, generating distilled (pure) water and concentrated minerals.
  • The distilled water obtained can be either reused as is or further treated for potable use.
  • The concentrated minerals remain in a solid state and can be transported as dry cargo for commercial purposes.
  • The system incorporates sophisticated technologies for heat reuse and utilization, making the solution highly thermodynamically efficient.