Our Technologies

Mechanical Evaporation

We have the ability to evaporate residual water without heat, with highly efficient energy consumption.

For some time, companies have considered the possibility of evaporating industrial water as it would eliminate issues related to traditional disposal methods, such as Discharge into Water Bodies and Subsurface Re-injection.

However, in practice, this hasn't been feasible due to the high costs associated with the typical method of evaporation known as "Forced Thermal Evaporation." This method requires large amounts of energy to heat the water until it evaporates, along with the use of equipment that requires significant capital investment and generates emissions into the environment.

Produced Water EcoServices is capable of mechanically evaporating clients' residual water using clean (electric) energy, at room temperature (without the need for heat), and at very reasonable costs.

The "Mechanical Evaporation" technology is modular and scalable, consuming much less energy than that required for re-injecting the same amount of water, reducing water treatment and filtration costs, and significantly decreasing environmental impact.

Mechanical evaporators atomize water into extremely small particles and then elevate it for a certain period, which vastly increases the exposed water surface area to the environment, allowing it to come into contact with a "thirsty" mass of air, causing it to change from liquid to gas and thereby evaporating.

We offer fully automated solutions tailored to each industrial situation or process, ensuring maximum efficiency by adjusting to changes in humidity, temperature, wind, and rain, continually rationalizing energy consumption.