Our Technologies

Mechanical sprinkling / Irrigation

Through irrigation/spraying, large quantities of residual water can be disposed of and used for agroforestry irrigation.

The mechanical spraying/irrigation technology allows for the disposal of large quantities of residual water, either in infiltration fields or for agro-industrial irrigation by striking the perfect balance between the soil's water percolation capacity and the additional water that can be introduced into the environment through Mechanical Evaporation.

PWES utilizes mechanical cannon-type sprayers that efficiently evaporate/spray significant water flows and are designed to optimize spraying and accelerate evaporation through the rotation speed of the fan.

Our mechanical sprayers have the following characteristics:

  • Achieve up to 300% more water sprayed per unit area compared to soil infiltration.
  • Can rotate 359ยบ.
  • Provide high-level control of soil infiltration.
  • Have low energy consumption.
  • The system is fully automated and adjusts automatically based on weather conditions.
  • Operate 24 hours a day.